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Tips to Help when Designing Custom Made T-shirts for a Business

The image of a business is an essential element that should be safeguarded at all times. This image is portrayed in several ways, from the way employees dress, to their behaviors and several others. There are businesses that prefer to custom make their unique clothes for their staff; clothes that represent the image of the company. A company may choose to have various kinds of dress codes; a casual like t-shirts to be used on weekends and field work days, while others for use in the office, and during weekdays. The t-shirts can also be used as a marketing tool when the company is running a promotion. Charleston SC has several companies like Palmetto Blended that deals with custom making t-shirts according to customers’ needs. Here's a good read about screen printing, check it out

Here is a guide that can help when designing custom made T-shirts for a business. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started.

What is the purpose of the custom made T-shirts? Custom made t-shirts comes in various designs each representing a certain use.

Consider the fabric to be used when custom making the t-shirts. Additionally, consider the kind of screen printing to be done. Fir instance, you will find that the ideal fabric for screen printing may not be the right one for embroider. A lightweight fabric will not be ideal for embroidering a logo or complicated wording. Also consider the weather conditions of the location of the business or where the t-shirts will be worn most. A good example is a t-shirt made with a heavyweight fabric as it will not be the right one for use in hot areas or coastal areas. For coastal areas, one can choose lightweight custom made t-shirts like the ones from Palmetto Blended who specialize in screen printing t-shirts.

Consider the color of the T-shirt. What colors does the business use? Try to match the color of the t-shirts with the business colors so as to have some uniformity. Also consider if other reasons such as an occasion require the t-shirts to be printed with the colors of the theme of the even. The logo itself is also an important guide to help when looking for the right colors for the t-shirt. Having the same t-shirt color with the same color on the logo may not be a good idea. E.g., you cannot have a green logo and still use a green fabric for the t-shirt since the logo will not be clear and visible. Wordings or the font to be printed on the t-shirt also determines the t-shirt color. Have two distinct colours for both the font and the t-shirt in order to make the message on the t-shirt visible and clear.

Finally, talk to the employees of the company and anyone else who will wear the custom made t-shirts, just to have other views on what they would want to have. Kindly visit this website  for more useful reference.